5 Easy Ways to Stage Kitchens of Homes for Sale on the River in Pittsburgh

Here are 5 best ways to spruce up the kitchen of your waterfront home for sale in Pittsburgh PA!

5 Easy Ways to Stage Kitchens of Homes for Sale on the River in Pittsburgh

When potential buyers come and view homes for sale on the river in Pittsburgh, the “mission critical room is the kitchen – the heart of the home. In some cases, the kitchen makes or breaks the transaction.  If you are putting your home on the market, be sure to check out these 5 easy ways to brighten up and improve your kitchen, to create maximum appeal to future owners.

Impress potential buyers of your waterfront home in Pittsburgh PA by properly preparing the kitchen!

1. Choose the right color.

The color that you choose sets the mood in any waterfront homes for sale in 3 Rivers Pittsburgh.  Some people prefer a white kitchen because they want a neat and tidy feel to one of the busiest areas in the home.  Others prefer green since many believe that it is a relaxing shade because of its association with nature.  Other pale, light and pastel colors also provide a soothing and happy atmosphere.  Yellow definitely brings joy in the kitchen because like the sun, it exudes a vibrant and energetic feel.  Sticking to neutral colors is also a great way to stage your kitchen since they give potential buyers a new canvass and allow them to visualize their own kitchen when they visit your home.

2. Choose the proper lighting

Dark rooms make people gloomy and sad. Put some life into your kitchen by giving light to it.  Open the curtains.  Pull the blinds up.  Let the natural light flood in.  You can hit two birds with one stone if your kitchen is next to your patio.  Make sure that your patio is also neat and tidy.  Clean the windows and change the lightbulbs to make the room brighter and more cheerful.  If you think your kitchen needs extra lighting, assess which space your kitchen needs illumination: up, down or all around.

3. Use mirrors in the kitchen

In terms of function, having a mirror backsplash behind the sink is a great way to give the illusion of space.  Hide splatters by going for an antiqued mirror over a clear one.  Placement of a decorative mirror – whether big or small, hanging or on the shelf – adds warmth to your kitchen space

4. Use a round table

A round table not only makes the kitchen more inviting, but it also makes it safer for everyone stepping in it.  Potential buyers do not need to worry about bumping their hips or their children’s heads into table corners.  Aside from the safety, this curved furniture also gives a warm and welcoming feel.

5. Use plants as accents

Placing plants in the kitchen is one of the classic ways to put life in any room, literally. Potted plants and flowers serve several purposes.  They help purify the air, filter common pollutants, become instant kitchen accents and help brighten up your day.

These are some of the many ways to spruce up your kitchen and increase the chances of selling your home as potential buyers view the homes for sale on the river in Pittsburgh.  

The kitchen is just one of the many rooms that you need to evaluate as you put your home in the market.  Learn how Connie can help you sell your home by visiting www.SoldByConnie.net.

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