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How to Boost the Value of Your Pittsburgh Waterfront Home Without Breaking the Bank

If you’ve been thinking about selling your house at some point in the near future, you’ll need to start getting ready as soon as possible. The idea of adding value to your home may seem intimidating. Your mind may be jumping straight to an expensive kitchen remodel or energy-efficient appliance upgrades. While taking on a large-scale remodeling project can definitel [...]

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🏡How to Prepare Your Riverfront Home in Pittsburgh for the Market

Getting your riverfront home ready for the market can be a difficult process. How do you begin? Here are some of the most important things to consider:Curb appeal mattersThe term “curb appeal” still applies to riverfront homes.An attractive curb appeal of your riverfront home will significantly make your home ready for the market. Home buyers start to make up their mind as [...]

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👌How to Increase Your Pittsburgh PA Waterfront Home’s Value

If your house is on the market, now is the best time to know what to do to  increase the value of your home. Do you want to attract buyers like a magnet? 1. Kitchen Upgrade Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, so don’t skip this upgrade. This is where families spend most of their time. HGTV says you can recover around 60 - 120 percent of what you invested in your [...]

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🏡Pittsburgh PA Waterfront Homes for Sale

Aren’t sure when to sell your home? If you’re torn between two or more options, assurance is what you need. We’re living in a time where sellers are becoming rockstars! It’s a remarkable market for you! But let’s not leave it all to current market conditions, you also need to take your situation into account. When selling a waterfront home in Pittsburgh you need [...]

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5 Best Ways to Modernize Your Pittsburgh PA Waterfront Home

5 Best Ways to Modernize Your Pittsburgh PA Waterfront Home If you are trying to give your home a little more edge over other waterfront homes for sale in 3 Rivers Pittsburgh, you may consider modernizing your property. Modernizing your home need not be too expensive. Here are some simple ways to update your home: 1. Hang contemporary art Works of art made and produced by [...]

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Homes near the river for Sale in Pittsburgh

Riverfront Homes for Sale in Pittsburgh [...]

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Homes with River Views for Sale in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PA Waterfront Homes for Sale   [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Stage Kitchens of Homes for Sale on the River in Pittsburgh

5 Easy Ways to Stage Kitchens of Homes for Sale on the River in Pittsburgh When potential buyers come and view homes for sale on the river in Pittsburgh, the “mission critical room is the kitchen - the heart of the home. In some cases, the kitchen makes or breaks the transaction.  If you are putting your home on the market, be sure to check out these 5 easy ways to brighten [...]

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